I want to configurable product add to cart programmatically in magento 2 to customer cart

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Find the customer in the backend, click on edit. You should see a tab on the left called shopping cart. You would expect that it should work from there. But it doesn't. Or at least I didn't find a way to make it work.

But here is how I did. Click on the 'Create order' from the customer edit screen. Select a store view to associate the order with. Then add to the order the products you want to put in the cart. After adding them, you will see for each line a column named Action. Select from the dropdown for each product "Move to shopping cart". Then hit "Update items and qty's". That's it.

  • I think he needs to add it programmatically ? Feb 13, 2018 at 11:46

You can use following approach for the solution :

First we need to load a customer for ex :


then we need to create an empty cart and quote as follows :

$cartId = $this->cartManagementInterface->createEmptyCart(); //Create empty cart
$quote = $this->cartRepositoryInterface->get($cartId); // load empty cart quote
$customer= $this->customerRepository->getById($customer->getEntityId());

after above you need to add products to the quote

$options = array(
                90 => 53,
                143 => 170
$params = array(
    'product' => $productId,
    'super_attribute' => $options,
    'qty' => $qty
$_product = $this->productRepository->getById($productId);    

Where productRepository is an instance of \Magento\Catalog\Api\ProductRepositoryInterface

  • thanks for answer but i want to add product to customer cart Feb 13, 2018 at 11:37
  • Please check my update answer for a better idea on how to do it. Feb 13, 2018 at 11:44

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