I am using the following code to fetch category tree where almost i want to fetch around 1000 records but only getting 100 records because of limit.

$resourceUrl = "$apiUrl/categories/store/default?limit=100";

Here limit=100 is the maximum value if it exceed, like

$resourceUrl = "$apiUrl/categories/store/default?limit=101";

it is giving the following error

enter image description here

Please help me to get through this problem and provide solution to increase this limit to 1000 or more vlaue.

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If you look in the \Mage_Api2_Model_Resource::_applyCollectionModifiers method, you will see that the limit is hardcoded :

if ($pageSize != abs($pageSize) || $pageSize > self::PAGE_SIZE_MAX) {

with const PAGE_SIZE_MAX = 100;

So, unless you rewrite this class, you will not be able to bypass this limit.

I think you should use the param page to get all the 1000 products you want :

get the 100 first with $resourceUrl = "$apiUrl/categories/store/default?limit=100&page=1";

then $resourceUrl = "$apiUrl/categories/store/default?limit=100&page=2";

to get the product between 100 and 200 of the collection, etc, etc until page=10.

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