I need a small help. How to pass the values to json with different values.

$params =   array( 'OrderLineId'=>$orderLineId,
$orderData = array('OrderId'=>$orderId,
                            'PartnerId'=>  $partnerId,
                            'CustomerId'=> $customerId,
                            'OrderType'=> $orderType,
                            'OrderSource'=>  $orderSource,
                            'CurrId'=> $currId,
                            'UserName'=> $userName);

I need to pass the values like

"OrderHeader": { "OrderId": "12", "StoreId": "main_website_store", "PartnerId": "15", "CustomerId": "16", "OrderType": "NEW", "OrderSource": "Megento", "CurrId": "USD", "UserName": "sdfdsfdsf" },
"OrderDetail": [ { "OrderLineId": "string", "MaterialNo": "79c29af7-3cd0-4a6f-b182-a81e31dec84e", "PlanType": "Anual","Qty": 0,"UnitPrice": 0.1, "UnitTax": 0.1,"DiscountRate": 0.1,"Discount": 0.1},{    "OrderLineId": "string", "MaterialNo": "BCESS876","PlanType": "Month","Qty": 2,"UnitPrice": 0.1,"UnitTax": 0.1,"DiscountRate": 0.1,"Discount": 0.1}]}

any one please help me.


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Try this way:

$data = array(
    'OrderHeader' => $orderData,
    'OrderDetail' => array(
$json = json_encode($data);
  • once I get a success response from rest API then only place the order how to write the condition? Commented Feb 12, 2018 at 15:11

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