I have $quoteItem (Magento\Quote\Model\QuoteItem) which represents a bundle product.

The order options are fetched via

$typeInstance = $quoteItem->getProduct()->getTypeInstance();
$this->orderOptions = $typeInstance->getOrderOptions($quoteItem->getProduct());

But in the returned array, there seems to be no link to the Product Entity IDs of the selections?

It is possible to fetch the available selections for an option:

    $selections = $typeInstance->getSelectionsCollection([self::MY_OPTION_ID], $quoteItem->getProduct());

But can I get the chosen option out of this?


This works:

    $selections = $typeInstance->getSelectionsCollection([self::MY_OPTION_ID], $quoteItem->getProduct());
    $selected = $this->orderOptions['info_buyRequest']['bundle_option'][self::MY_OPTION_ID];
    $product = $selections->getItemById($selected);

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