After installing the extension from magenerds, I wasn't able to run the compiler, I was getting an error mentioned below.

I've tried removing the extension but no luck.

Tried the following Steps

  • Removing from /app/code
  • Disabling by entering 0 in config.php
  • Empty out /var/generated/* folder

Still, I am getting

Class Magenerds\PageDesigner\Model\ValidationState does not exist
  • Have you done a search throughout the project to see if any other classes or configuration is using that class? Feb 7, 2018 at 16:48

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I was able to fix this issue here's what I did

I went in my var/cache folder and remove all the folders by doing rm -rf *

After I ran the compiler and everything is fixed compiler was running, It appears that class got stuck in the memory.

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