I need help making a shopping cart rule.

If a customer buys $200+ worth of product and enters a Coupon Code they will get a free Mug. I only have a certain amount of Mugs to give away. I was hoping the customer wouldn't even have to put the Mug in their cart. Just use the code and then when we see the order on the back-end if they have used the Coupon Code we will add a Mug to their order.

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I have a very simple solution for you.


This is a free Magento plugin that should do what you need.

Use function COUPON X Use coupon X get product Y free, discounted. You must also specify in your Coupon code the condition If "Subtotal" "is greater than" 199.99

I hope this helps, Jason


Sounds like you want a quick solution that doesn't require any customization or a third-party extension. You could always create a shopping-cart-price-rule where:

Conditions: Subtotal equals or greater than 200

Actions: Apply "Fixed Amount Discount for Whole Cart", Discount Amount = "0.01"

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Note - this won't auto-add the mug to the cart, you'll need an extension for that. You could give Amasty's Auto Add Promo Items extension a try - you can't go wrong with Amasty! https://amasty.com/auto-add-promo-items.html

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