Normally I would get a Magento order info (like Tax) in this way:

$order = Mage::getModel('sales/order')->loadByIncrementId($set['order_id']); echo $order->getShippingTaxAmount();

But for Ebay orders I am not able to see the M2E Order Information in the Order Object, specifically the Tax.

In the Admin area I need to click on "Show Ebay Order" to see the Tax, but i need to write a report that needs this value. Does anyone know how to retrieve the M2E Ebay Order information programmatically?



this is what I needed:

$ebay_order = Mage::getModel('M2ePro/Ebay_Order')->load('41289'); 
$tax = $ebay_order->getTaxDetails();


For those in cases where you only have the increment_id for the Magento Order. You will need retrieve the ChannelOrderId first then filter the collection by ebay_order_id

See my example below:

$order = Mage::getModel('sales/order')->loadByIncrementId($increment_id);

$paymentInfo = Mage::helper('payment')->getInfoBlock($order->getPayment())->setIsSecureMode(true);
$channelOrderId = $paymentInfo->getChannelOrderId();

$ebay_order = Mage::getModel('M2ePro/ebay_order')->getCollection()
          ->addFieldToFilter('ebay_order_id', $channelOrderId)

$tax = $ebay_order->getTaxDetails();

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    Aren't you supposed to load orders based on the marketplace, i.e. $order = Mage::getModel('M2ePro/Ebay_Order')->load($id); $tax = $order->getTaxDetails(); as given in Ess_M2ePro_Model_Ebay_Order (or $order = Mage::getModel('M2ePro/Amazon_Order')->load($id); per Ess_M2ePro_Model_Amazon_Order)? Feb 7, 2018 at 1:38

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Just for the record as it was resolved in the comments already - and furthermore to provide some ideas on how one can approach a situation like the questioner.

Unlike the name of the class Ess_M2ePro_Model_Order may let one assume, it does not provide any relevant information on externally placed orders.

The relevant class seems to be Ess_M2ePro_Model_Ebay_Order for Ebay- and Ess_M2ePro_Model_Amazon_Order for Amazon-orders. In both the method getTaxDetails() can be found.

A practical example would be:

$id = 1; // order id of interest
$order = Mage::getModel('M2ePro/Ebay_Order')->load($id); // load the order
$tax = $order->getTaxDetails(); // get tax details from order
 * Note: Since I haven't worked with this module yet and haven't been
 * able to find any dummy/demo data I can't tell what the returned array
 * looks like exactly, yet, based on other methods in class it seems to
 * hold at least the keys 'rate' and 'amount'.
 * (@Hector, maybe you could share a var_dump() here?)

Now just some quick ideas how one can approach a situation like this (assuming that there is not sufficient documentation provided and you don'T want to review every single file):

Especially in modules with a large amount of files/classes/methods it's always worth a shot to first of all check how the initial developer did approach a certain task. Basically this is one common way the check how certain functionality is integrated in Magento core as well when it comes to modifying a certain behavior. For the given module and problem this means, a quick check on what tables / table columns look promising is always a good starting point (unfortunately, due to the separated install/upgrade scripts in Magento 1 there is mostly hardly a way around of installing a module first, before being able to get the whole table structure).

Since the obvious one (m2epro_order) does not hold any column that seems relevant (it just has columns like account_id, marketplace_id, store_id, ...) the class Ess_M2ePro_Model_Order got pretty much uninteresting (this assumption was confirmed when having a quick look at the methods in app/code/Ess/M2ePro/Model/Order.php). Yet (when you wish to assume that the module creator did a nice job) continuing digging for the obvious mostly leads you to what you're looking for - doing so for this module would certainly bring you to the table m2epro_ebay_order. Since this table fits nicely to Model/Ebay/Order.php you're pretty much reached your goal already.

Another way to search for something you really expect to be present some where in a given module is to use the (Unix) CLI command grep -r "searchstring" /path/to/folder. Running this for some catchy phrases such as tax_details (the column name we found earlier), getTaxDetails (based on the column name) - or when in doubt getTax, Tax or tax (note that the command is case sensitive - there might be a way to overcome this but that's even further out of scope than what I'm tying already anyway ;) ). Next to some other stuff this will eventually come up with

λ grep -r "getTax" ./
./Model/Amazon/Order.php:    public function getTaxDetails()
./Model/Amazon/Order.php:        $taxDetails = $this->getTaxDetails();
./Model/Amazon/Order.php:        $taxDetails = $this->getTaxDetails();
./Model/Amazon/Order.php:        $taxDetails = $this->getTaxDetails();
./Model/Ebay/Order.php:    public function getTaxDetails()
./Model/Ebay/Order.php:    public function getTaxRate()
./Model/Ebay/Order.php:        $taxDetails = $this->getTaxDetails();
./Model/Ebay/Order.php:    public function getTaxAmount()

Module source for reference: https://github.com/m2epro/magento1-extension


Thank you Christoph for helping understand the Class in more detail. Per your comment I will share what the returned array looked like for me:

$order = Mage::getModel('M2ePro/Ebay_Order')->load($id); $tax = $order->getTaxDetails();

Array ( [rate] => 7 [amount] => 12.11 [is_vat] => [includes_shipping] => )

And $order holds these keys:

[order_id] => 00000 [ebay_order_id] => 0000000000 [selling_manager_id] => 00000 [buyer_name] => Name [buyer_email] => [email protected] [buyer_user_id] => user000000 [buyer_message] => [buyer_tax_id] => [paid_amount] => 0.0000 [saved_amount] => 0.0000 [currency] => USD [checkout_status] => 1 [shipping_status] => 2 [payment_status] => 3 [shipping_details] => {"address":{"country_code":"US","country_name":"United States","city":"Tampa","state":"FL","postal_code":"000000","phone":"00000","street":["PO Box 0000"],"company":""},"service":"USPS Priority Mail","price":13,"date":"2018-01-30 15:08:10","global_shipping_details":[],"click_and_collect_details":[],"in_store_pickup_details":[],"cash_on_delivery_cost":0} [payment_details] => {"date":"2018-01-29 21:53:54","method":"PayPal","status":"NoPaymentFailure","is_refund":false} [tax_details] => {"rate":7,"amount":12.11,"is_vat":false,"includes_shipping":false} [purchase_update_date] => 2018-02-02 22:39:36 [purchase_create_date] => 2018-01-29 21:34:41

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