I'm trying to resolve this ridiculous issue that nobody can shed any light on Unable to post product reviews on secondary store site; displays recaptcha error but no recaptcha is present in form?

It's really out there, doesn't make sense, so I've got to dig deeper but Magento is so absurd to me I have no idea as to where to look. If you can please point me in the right direction while I thumb bleakly through the codebase in the meantime. Thank you.

Edit: A post action like this is referred to by the questioner based on the other question: http://example.com/review/product/post/id/4802/ (form action when submitting a product review in frontend)


"http://example.com/review/product/post/id/4802/" - or better "review/product/post" by default translates to the following controller: app/code/core/Mage/Review/controllers/ProductController.php.

  • review is the name of the frontend route specified in the review module itself (can be basically anything)
  • product is based on the name of the controller file (usually located inside the module in a folder controllers - in some cases Controller but that's a whole different story). Magento requires a controller to be named "AbcdefgController.php" - hence in this caseproduct stands for the file ProductController.php
  • post is based on the method name inside the controller file - again, by naming convention this translates to the method postAction()
  • id/4802 is then just a parameter provided along with the URL

Paths are (generally speaking) splitt up in these three sections - if you come across a shorter one i.e. "http://example.com/xyz" it means that xyz is the name of the route expecting a IndexController.php file containing an indexAction() method - hence "http://example.com/xyz" is basically the same as "http://example.com/xyz/index/index"

Note, that controllers can be overwritten by other modules which would mean that they use the same frontend route but not necessarily the (whole) original module itself.

Some references for your further way:

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