Here in Slovakia, we have some products types that are taxed differently from other products. For example electornic 20%, medical accessories 10%.

So I have created tax zones for 10% and 20% enter image description here

And tax rules: enter image description here

On the product I have configured that product X has 20% and product Y has 10%. (also reindexed, cleared / flushed cache, removed all directories like view_preprocessed,...)

Result is that, both products are calculated with 20%.

Tax calculation is set based on shipping origin, which is configured.

Here is similar question which has been not answered Magento 2 - Two different tax percentage for two different products in same region

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After setting the tax class from code in the import script it started working. So i am guessing that problem was, that magento saved from admin the value into wrong store view. Or other... since in DB I have value in DB for store view 0 and store view 1

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