I am looking a script or extension to do this: I upload products via CSV, then run script or extension and attach product images (multiple) to the SKU, easy and fast and don't have to write in csv like a mule

I have 1000 products 10.000 images in this file path structure and products are in Magento 2 but without images attached to product

/(SKU)/*.jpg (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9).jpg

example:/coffeecup/1.jpg, coffeecup/2.jpg, etc

this extension is for Magento 1, but i need any like this for Magento 2: https://marketplace.magento.com/nanowebgroup-nanowebgroup-imageimporter.html

  • Can this one help you? mageplaza.com/kb/… – PY Yick Feb 2 '18 at 3:27
  • I was looking anything like a script that programatically attach image to product SKU automatically – Sergio Pera Feb 2 '18 at 16:17

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