We have an issue in which we would want different sets of configuration settings to be used on development, test, and production servers. I'm just getting familiar with Magento and not sure how to do this - what's the standard way of accomplishing this?

Something like:

- etc/* // used for production mode
- etc/test/* // used for test mode
- etc/dev/* // used for development mode

... and then we could set the mode SetEnv in htaccess (as for with "developer mode"). Does Magento have built-in support for this?


All *.xml files in etc are loaded

Be careful if you place different files prod.xml, dev.xml, etc. in your etc folder because they are all loaded, in the order:

all others


I recommend to put all the config files somewhere else, like var/deploy or /deploy and then copy them over via a deployment script (which you hopefully use :-))

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