I am using Magento 2 on Host Amazon LightSail:


But email is not working (sent email when register, forget password, place order, ...)

So, I installed Extension SMTP extension and it is working fine and Email is working:


(Also I tried many extensions for smtp and all working fine)

But I have a problem, that the email is sent with the header which is set as a username config authentication in extension backend. It is supposed to be the real email set in magento backend for General Contact, Sales Email, Customer Support, ...

Is there any answer to make email working without any extension? OR If I continue with the extension, how can I make the email sent with the correct header which set?

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  • Hi, Were you able to solve it? We are facing a similar problem. – Divyansh Bajaj Oct 5 '18 at 8:11
  • Hi, I replied below. – Jsparo30 Oct 7 '18 at 7:27

I tried MailGun Provider with the extension mentioned in the question and it is working fine.

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