If you log in to an account, then view "My Account", when click a link named My Downloadable Products in the left nav area, it gives 404 Not Found. URL for this is siteurl /downloadable/customer/products/

I got this error message while this happens:

2018/01/31 15:07:55 [error] 22514#0: *113332 "/home/abc/magento/downloadable/customer/products/index.html" is not found (2: No such file or directory), client:, server: siteurl.com, request: "GET /downloadable/customer/products/ HTTP/1.1", host: "siteurl.com", referrer: "siteurl.com/customer/address/"

Why this should happen while this works good on other site?


I found the issue after lot of debugging. This issue is cause of an redirection rule.

In conf file, an rewrite rule is set as

location /download { rewrite ^(/download$) $scheme://$server_name/? permanent;

This rule checks for the whole pattern an give that error. I changed the rule to

location = /download { rewrite ^(/download$) $scheme://$server_name/? permanent;

And now the link for the My Downloadable Products is working fine.

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