I am trying to import some reviews programatically. I am using the following code:

$review = Mage::getModel('review/review');

$date is a timestamp of the date of the review. The problem is that my reviews are being imported at the current date. How can I set the created_at parameter?

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The problem is that the _beforeSave on the Mage_Review_Model_Resource_Review sets the created_at value when there is no id for the review, so for new reviews.

protected function _beforeSave(Mage_Core_Model_Abstract $object)
    if (!$object->getId()) {
    if ($object->hasData('stores') && is_array($object->getStores())) {
        $stores = $object->getStores();
        $stores[] = 0;
    } elseif ($object->hasData('stores')) {
        $object->setStores(array($object->getStores(), 0));
    return $this;

You could do one of the following:

  1. Rewrite the resource and change the function,
  2. Save first and then save again
  3. There may be another option that I cannot think of at the moment :(
  • Thanks for the heads up, I am doing a one time import and so can just go into the core comment out that line and uncomment it when I am done. May 21, 2014 at 8:05

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