I'm trying to create a 25% discount code for the whole cart, not just for one product. Is this possible? I'm pretty new to Magento and the only rules I find is either a percentage for one product or for the whole cart, but then it's accessible even without a code.

  • Did you got any solution? – Vinoth S Apr 2 at 11:09

You can just create a cart price rule for this. It will do the job.

  • But when I create a cart price rule it only gives me a discount on one product in the cart, and when I try to create a rule under catalog price rules the discount is applied without a code. I want the discount to be 25% off for the whole cart and used with a coupon code. – Louise Holmén Jan 30 '18 at 11:01

Just refer this link. **


** if you are on magento 2

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