I am beginer in magento .I tried to made to made Helloworld custom module but get 404 error each time.

This my custom module structure

This my custom module structure

This is Chiragdodia_Mymodule.xml in app/etc/modules

This is Chiragdodia_Mymodule.xml  in app/etc/modules

This is config.xml in app/code/local/Chiragdodia/Mymodule/etc

This is config.xml in app/code/local/Chiragdodia/Mymodule/etc

This is IndexController.php in app/code/local/Chiragdodia/Mymodule/controllers

this is IndexController.php in app/code/local/Chiragdodia/Mymodule/controllers

I used this blog https://code.tutsplus.com/tutorials/magento-custom-module-development--cms-20643

Caches are disabled . I tried these urls





But getting same 404 error each time. any help will be appreciate

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    in controller use die(); after echo and check, if it echos then 404 error is due to the missing layout – Piyush Jan 30 '18 at 6:43
  • I added die but no change .i'm still getting 404 error – Rahul Saini Jan 30 '18 at 6:53

From your screenshot, your module files are coming under printer\send directory. However your files should come under app\code\local\Chiragdodia\Mymodule.

Please take extra care of the Camel case letters above. For Magento, Chiragdodia and chiragdodia are not same.

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    thanks Rajeev. that structure picture I uploaded by mistake. now i changed. – Rahul Saini Jan 30 '18 at 6:40
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    and yes i checked all Camel case letters all are correct all are Chiragdodia . – Rahul Saini Jan 30 '18 at 6:43

Sir, According to my analysis the main issue are as follows

  • First, your keyword are not the same as you deployed, means the keyword are case sensitive and you are using first letter as capital
  • After completing all the thing just re-index the site data from step 1 : cd [MAGENTO_ROOT]/shell/ step 2 : ls -l "php indexer.php --status" step 3 : php indexer.php --reindex (index file name)

    index file name:

  • catalog_product_attribute Product Attributes
  • catalog_product_price Product Prices
  • catalog_url Catalog Url Rewrites
  • catalog_product_flat Product Flat Data
  • catalog_category_flat Category Flat Data
  • catalog_category_product Category Products
  • catalogsearch_fulltext Catalog Search Index
  • cataloginventory_stock Stock status

OR to reindex all command: "php indexer.php --reindexall"

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