In my Magento folder, under locale/ I have a list of folders with translation files, and I have configured different Magento stores in Admin.

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But some stores don't use the correct translation file. Where Can I set the correct file for each Magento store? Does this need to be done in code or in Admin?


The locale can be defined per store via Magento Admin

This is in System -> Configuration -> General, then goto the 'locale' tab.

The locale defined here corresponds to the folders in your screenshot, e.g en_US for English (US).

af_ZA = Afrikaans (South Africa)
sq_AL = Albanian (Albania)
ar_DZ = Arabic (Algeria)
ar_EG = Arabic (Egypt)
ar_KW = Arabic (Kuwait)
ar_MA = Arabic (Morocco)
ar_SA = Arabic (Saudi Arabia)
az_AZ = Azerbaijani (Azerbaijan)
be_BY = Belarusian (Belarus)
bn_BD = Bengali (Bangladesh)
bs_BA = Bosnian (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
bg_BG = Bulgarian (Bulgaria)
ca_ES = Catalan (Spain)
zh_CN = Chinese (China)
zh_HK = Chinese (Hong Kong SAR China)
zh_TW = Chinese (Taiwan)
hr_HR = Croatian (Croatia)
cs_CZ = Czech (Czech Republic)
da_DK = Danish (Denmark)
nl_NL = Dutch (Netherlands)
en_AU = English (Australia)
en_CA = English (Canada)
en_IE = English (Ireland)
en_NZ = English (New Zealand)
en_GB = English (United Kingdom)
en_US = English (United States)
et_EE = Estonian (Estonia)
fil_PH = Filipino (Philippines)
fi_FI = Finnish (Finland)
fr_CA = French (Canada)
fr_FR = French (France)
gl_ES = Galician (Spain)
ka_GE = Georgian (Georgia)
de_AT = German (Austria)
de_DE = German (Germany)
de_CH = German (Switzerland)
el_GR = Greek (Greece)
gu_IN = Gujarati (India)
he_IL = Hebrew (Israel)
hi_IN = Hindi (India)
hu_HU = Hungarian (Hungary)
is_IS = Icelandic (Iceland)
id_ID = Indonesian (Indonesia)
it_IT = Italian (Italy)
it_CH = Italian (Switzerland)
ja_JP = Japanese (Japan)
km_KH = Khmer (Cambodia)
ko_KR = Korean (South Korea)
lo_LA = Lao (Laos)
lv_LV = Latvian (Latvia)
lt_LT = Lithuanian (Lithuania)
mk_MK = Macedonian (Macedonia)
ms_MY = Malay (Malaysia)
mn_MN = Mongolian (Mongolia)
nb_NO = Norwegian Bokmål (Norway)
nn_NO = Norwegian Nynorsk (Norway)
fa_IR = Persian (Iran)
pl_PL = Polish (Poland)
pt_BR = Portuguese (Brazil)
pt_PT = Portuguese (Portugal)
ro_RO = Romanian (Romania)
ru_RU = Russian (Russia)
sr_RS = Serbian (Serbia)
sk_SK = Slovak (Slovakia)
sl_SI = Slovenian (Slovenia)
es_AR = Spanish (Argentina)
es_CL = Spanish (Chile)
es_CO = Spanish (Colombia)
es_CR = Spanish (Costa Rica)
es_MX = Spanish (Mexico)
es_PA = Spanish (Panama)
es_PE = Spanish (Peru)
es_ES = Spanish (Spain)
es_VE = Spanish (Venezuela)
sw_KE = Swahili (Kenya)
sv_SE = Swedish (Sweden)
th_TH = Thai (Thailand)
tr_TR = Turkish (Turkey)
uk_UA = Ukrainian (Ukraine)
vi_VN = Vietnamese (Vietnam)
cy_GB = Welsh (United Kingdom)
  • Thanks, does the folder has to be a certain name e.g. en_US in order Magento can find out it is for English (US)? – Magento Learner Jan 29 '18 at 16:41
  • Added list of locales for you – Ricky Odin Matthews Jan 29 '18 at 16:53

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