I am working on a Magento 2.1.7 shop. To achieve this, I have created a child-theme of Magento Blank.

I added the latest version of Bootstrap 3 to my theme (v3.3.7). The path to bootstrap.min.js is:




I have added <script src="../Magento_Theme/web/js/bootstrap.min.js" />.

Yet I get the error: Unable to resolve the source file for 'frontend/{Vendor}/{Theme}/Magento_Theme/web/js/bootstrap.min.js' in the console.

Where is my mistake?

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Try this :

 <script type="text/javascript" src="js/bootstrap.min.js"/>

Put js in following location :


You correct your code by adding this:

<script src="Magento_Theme::js/bootstrap.min.js" />

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