I have loaded my layered navigation over ajax to speed up my site load. The layered navigation also uses ajax and it's jQuery is normally initialised via RequireJS i believe with the below requireJS config:

var config = {
"map": {
    "*": {
        "productListToolbarForm": "CzoneTech_AjaxifiedCatalog/js/product/list/toolbar"

This i think overrides the default functionality of Magento's productListToolbarForm widget which Magento initialises on category pages.

As the markup isn't there on page load i need to initialise this in the success function of my ajax call for the layered nav so the markup is present when this jQuery runs.

The Widget looks like below:

$.widget('mage.productListToolbarForm', $.mage.productListToolbarForm, {

I have tried:


This seems to work when i use chrome however not when i use safari or internet explorer. How can i properly initialise this JS when my ajax call completes?

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