I am recently working with Magento and am trying to display a set of data from a view in database. I want to filter it based on Agent Id! I am trying to filter the data in

Vendor\Module\Ui\Component\Listing\DataProviders\Atisstats\Coupons\Listing class like this:

namespace Atis\Stats\Ui\Component\Listing\DataProviders\Atisstats\Coupons;

use \Atis\Stats\Model\ResourceModel\Coupons\CollectionFactory; use \Magento\Framework\Registry; use \Magento\Ui\DataProvider\AbstractDataProvider;

class Listing extends AbstractDataProvider {

protected $_registry;

public function __construct(
    Registry $registry,
    CollectionFactory $collectionFactory,
    array $meta = [],
    array $data = []
) {
    parent::__construct($name, $primaryFieldName, $requestFieldName, $meta, $data);
    $this->collection = $collectionFactory->create();
    $this->_registry = $registry;

    // get id-s of all dealers

    $objectManager = \Magento\Framework\App\ObjectManager::getInstance();
    $resource = $objectManager->get('\Magento\Framework\App\ResourceConnection');
    $connection = $resource->getConnection();
    $select = $connection->select()
    $data = $connection->fetchAll($select);

    // compare this array of id-s it with the value in session. If they are equal this means that a dealer is logged in so i will display only his statistics

    $givenAgentId = 0;
    foreach ($data as $dealerId) {
        if ($dealerId['user_id'] == $this->_registry->registry('admin_session_id')) {
            $givenAgentId = $this->_registry->registry('admin_session_id');

    // if the value of $givenAgentId is not 0 this means that a dealer is logged in so i can filter data based on his id
    // when I replace the $givenAgentId variable with a number, lets say 4, it works ok, but otherwise it wont filter anything

    if ($givenAgentId != 0) {
        $this->collection->addFieldToFilter('agent_id', $givenAgentId);


I don't know why $this->collection->addFieldToFilter('agent_id', $givenAgentId); it wont work. I tried to convert $givenAgentId into string and int but still nothing!

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