I am using fishpig magento extension and everything is working perfectly.

I am fetching posts using the code

$posts = $this->getPosts();

and I need tags associated with each post.


You can get the tags for an individual post by calling the getTags method on the post object.

<?php $posts = $this->getPosts(); ?>
<?php foreach($posts as $post): ?>
    <?php $tags = $post->getTags() ?>
    <?php if (count($tags) > 0): ?>
        <span><?php echo (count($categories) == 0) ? $this->__('This post was tagged with') : $this->__('and was tagged with') ?> </span> 
        <?php $it = count($tags) ?>
        <?php foreach($tags as $tag): ?>
            <a href="<?php echo $tag->getUrl() ?>">
                <?php echo $tag->getName() ?>
            </a><?php if (--$it > 0): ?>, <?php endif; ?>
        <?php endforeach; ?>
    <?php endif; ?>
<?php endforeach; ?>

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