Does anyone know what the new responsive theme is based on? e.g. bootstrap, zurb, home grown etc?

Prior to the release i'd been looking hard at the waterlee project (http://waterlee.jakesharp.co/) which is a foundation 5 implementation, but i can't see anything that describes the new rwd theme from a standards\roadmap point of view.

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The RWD theme is not based on any frontend framework (Bootstrap, Foundation, etc). Instead, custom styles were written to cater to Magento's markup patterns. Introducing a frontend framework would have required conforming to the patterns of that framework, which would have involved massive refactoring of the template files.

The RWD theme is built using Sass/Compass and various mixins are used to enable more robust style sheet authoring. Additionally there are JavaScript libraries like Enquire.js and modernizr.js that are used by app.js to implement responsive-oriented logic.

  • Thanks Erik, i'm liking what you have created TBH. just trying to weigh up the pro's\cons. i'm assuming your approach gives a more lightweight answer vs the waterlee\other approaches that give all the goodies that the framework provides (offcanvas, form field stuff, typeography and cross browser stability). thanks for your time
    – Dean
    May 20, 2014 at 10:44

In magento v1.9 they have use modernizr for more detail about modernizer check this link http://modernizr.com. And please have a look on skin/frontend/rwd/ folder

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