I want to replace my store address on invoice pdf with text "Tax Invoice/Bill of Supply/Cash Memo". I am trying to edit in Abstract.php where there is a method which inserts address on pdf : insertAddress(). But cannot understand what to change in the function. enter image description here

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I finally did this myself, what I did is in my Abstract.php there is a function insertAddress() which inserts store address on pdf. I did this tweak in that fucntion:

$custom_text = "Tax Invoice/Bill of Supply/Cash Memo";
  foreach (explode("\n", $custom_text) as $value){
 //foreach (explode("\n", Mage::getStoreConfig('sales/identity/address', $store)) as $value){ Replacing address with invoice tax text

I think the above code is very much self explanatory. PS: Never edit the core files of magento instead make a controller and override the base files. I did this because it was too urgent and had no idea of overriding magento core files.

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