In the backend of magento, under Sales> Orders, Catalog> Manage Products and Clients> Manage Clients, you have the field of actions from which one of them is to exclude and in this case excludes all items from which they are selected.

I was wondering if I would have some way to remove the field from all those pages in the magento backend, so I can avoid deleting crucial bulk information.


Thanks for bringing this up! Setting element to display:none just hides them, but they are still executable ...

At the end it looks like Magentos code is not complete/continues.

The visibility of the massaction dropdown (and it options) should be covered by Magentos ACL settings.

See how to add actions in magento ACL permissions in magento

... this should be done for every massaction.

So you can also create a module that adds permissions to Magentos role management and rewrite isAllowed() method in associated controller.


One solution I found quick and simple to do this is using css, giving a display:none in the div that contains the input on the referring pages.

CSS code:

body.adminhtml-sales-order-index .massaction .entry-edit, body.adminhtml-catalog-product-index .massaction .entry-edit, body.adminhtml-customer-index .massaction .entry-edit{
    display: none;

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