Magento issue tracker sent me here, because they think its not a bug. so...


  1. M2 v2.2.1
  2. Mysql 5.7
  3. PHP 7
  4. Ubuntu

Steps to reproduce

Updated product stock and price using this code: https://pastebin.com/eytSENau

Cleared cache, reindexed

Thumbnails missing in product listing (category page) and in admin area too. Images on product_view page are visible and correct, images in product edit page in admin are also visible and correct.

Tried to re-size images from command line, reindex, refresh cache.

Still not visible

Expected result

Images should be generated / loaded / recognized

Actual result

Thumbnails on product listings are placeholders.

Color swatches and other images works, just the thumbnails not on product listings.

Any idea what can be the issue? It worked until i did not updated the products form code. Thank you

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Seems like using $product->save() instead of $productRepository->save($product); does not cause the issue. Hope that helps to someone.

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