I want to know what are the difference between a magento 1 and a magento 2 database table?

Are there any changes in table names ?

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If you want to see the database diagram then I would suggest you check diagram,

Credit for this awesome diagram goes to Anna Völkl

And she already has written very nice explanation about difference between two databases which you can find it at this link

Source :Link


Yes there is immense difference between magento 1 and magento 2 database.

Few table names of database are already renamed/replaced in magento 2 database structure. like

'core_website' replaced with 'store_website' along with its structure.

Few fields of tables are removed in magento 2 database structure like -

The ‘customer_entity’, ‘customer_address_entity ‘tables removed the ‘entity_type_id’, ‘attribute_set_id’ fields

To know the complete difference along with its structure refer this link - https://www.ubertheme.com/magento2/infographic-magento-1-vs-magento-2-database-structure/


Renamed tables (from Magento 1.x to Magento 2.x):

core_website - store_website(structure is changed)
core_store - store(structure is not changed)
core_translate - translation
core_url_rewrite - url_rewrite
core_store_group - store_group(structure is not changed)
core_email_template - email_template
admin_role - authorization_role(structure is changed)
admin_rule - authorization_rule(structure is changed)
sales_flat_order - sales_order
sales_flat_order_address - sales_order_address
sales_flat_order_grid - sales_order_grid
sales_flat_order_item - sales_order_item
sales_flat_order_payment - sales_order_payment
sales_flat_order_status_history - sales_order_status_history
coupon_aggregated_order - salesrule_coupon_aggregated_order

Magento 2 doesn’t contain the following tables:


This link all changes describe Magento 1 vs Magento 2 Database Structure so please check it



Name change for some tables.

enter image description here

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