Can a customer_attribute be mapped during a M1 -> M2 data migration, if so can anyone provide any clues on how to do that?

e.g M1 attribute tel => M2 attribute telephone


There is not direct way to map an attribute with a given attribute_code from Magento 1 to another with another attribute_code from Magento 2.

If both attributes have the same attribute_code an update is made.

What I've tried:

The data-migration-tool offers a transform handler \Migration\Handler\Convert that converts the value of one column for all rows or rows that meet a condition on value:value pair


        <handler class="\Migration\Handler\ConvertEavValue">
                    <param name="map" value="[one_column:1column]"/>
                    <param name="attributeCode" value="page_layout"/>

This will transform all rows that have the value one_column to 1column where attribute_code is page_layout for the catalog_category_entity_varchar.value column

The example provided usses \Migration\Handler\ConvertEavValue but the logic is the same for \Migration\Handler\Convert

This is NOT possbile for the attribute_code column due the fact that the migration process relies heavily on the attribute_code values. Changing the attribute_code value during migration will result in unwanted results. I deduced this from the several checks they make along the way to see if attribute_code values stay the same.

What I ended up doing:

Ran a post-migration script that updates the list of attribute_codes that I wanted to change.

  • where can i keep this code for customer custom attribute? – Ramesh Dec 14 '18 at 13:57

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