sales_order_grid is missing some orders that are in sales_order. How can the grid table be rebuilt? It does not appear part of the indexer or other cli commands.

  1. Go to Advanced - Developer - Grid Settings
  2. Set Asynchronous Indexing to "Enable"
  3. Flush cache
  4. Go to database table "sales_order_grid". You can truncate this table or remove only orders during some period where orders missing (from X day to current day).
  5. Make sure what cron is configured and works. (I don't like configure run cron on my local PC, so I run command while :; do sleep 60; ./bin/magento cron:run & done when I need cron and stop it when I don't need it any more)
  6. Please, wait for about 2-3 minutes...
  7. Done.
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  • Is it possible to rebuild sales_order_grid without cron somehow, may be by using some console command? – xtx Sep 2 at 11:45
  • In any case, you can run any cron manually via magerun github.com/netz98/n98-magerun2 Reviwe list of cron commands - php ./n98-magerun2.phar sys:cron:list and run cron like - php ./n98-magerun2.phar sys:cron:run sales_grid_order_async_insert – Oleksiy Sep 10 at 7:37

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