I am trying to migrate my Magento 1 to 2 and for that I want to create some complete startup scripts to completely start over. Installing Magento2 using the web works fine, but when I try to run this command:

bin/magento setup:uninstall

bin/magento setup:install --db-host localhost --db-name m2 
    --db-user magento --db-password ******* --db-prefix exa_ 
    --base-url http://m2.example.com:2000/ --language en_US 
    --timezone Europe/Amsterdam --currency EUR --admin-user bart 
    --admin-password ******** --admin-email [email protected] 
    --admin-firstname Bart --admin-lastname Friederichs 
    --backend-frontname admin_exa

It gives me this error:

  SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'm2.exa_store_website' doesn't exist  
  , query was: SELECT `exa_store_website`.* FROM `exa_store_website`  

Am I missing something?

  • Are any 3rd party modules present that add console commands?
    – Pmclain
    Jan 13, 2018 at 6:25

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I think the error code answers itself.

Table 'm2.exa_store_website' doesn't exist
  • I see that yes, but I haven't created that table myself. I uninstall en re-install, shouldn't that 'just work' ? I added --cleanup-database to my command and it seems to work now though .... Jan 12, 2018 at 14:51

Don't know exactly what was wrong, but adding --clean-database fixed it.

  • You mean: --cleanup-database
    – alexblum
    May 16, 2019 at 6:02

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