I am trying to overload the core/mage/adminhtml/sales/order/grid.php Block. The Problem is, the Block is already overwritten by another Module (Raveinfosys Deleteorder). So i have to try, to overload the grid.php of the local Module Deleteorder... but it doesnt work... :(

Thats what i try last:


            <Mage_Adminhtml />
            <Raveinfosys_Deleteorder />


class Company_Modulename_Block_Adminhtml_Sales_Order_Grid extends Raveinfosys_Deleteorder_Block_Adminhtml_Sales_Order_Grid
    protected function _prepareColumns()


But how can i manually manage the hierarchy when i am not able to rewrite the custom module file? i need to rewrite the deleteorder class, because that on is rewriting the core file.

i want to do: myClass extends deleteorderClass, deleteorderClass extends coreClass (without changing the deleteorder module files)


You'll have to manually manage the hierarchy in the block php files. Class A extends B, B extends C, etc.


If you rewrite the main Mage_Adminhtml block then you can simply extends the other modules block and this should give you the desired results.


The problem with using <deleteorder> and trying to rewrite that is it is never called as it rewrites the <adminhtml> section.

Note: You then have to be careful when trying to get the code from the two blocks working together

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