I have created a magento 2.2 application using composer. Everything working fine with Luma Theme. Next Step I need to extend the template.

app / design / frontend /< Vendor name> / < Theme Name> /

Here I have created etc/view.xml, media folder, web folder, registration.php, theme.xml.

Then Created a Magento_theme folder and copied all files from

vendor / magento / module-theme / view / frontend/

to the folder just created and edited theme.xml , registration.php and cleared cache and also applied php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy -f

Then I login to backend I have seen the newly created theme in backend and applied the theme. Then I Changed Logo through Backend. Everything works fine.

But I need to edit header.phtml and I have edited the header.phtml in

app / design / frontend/< Vendor name>/ < Theme Name > / Magento_theme / templates / html

It doesn't make any change in frontend. I have cleared cache, setup-upgrade everything as devdocs in magento. But No Changes. At the same time I just tried to edit the header.phtml in

vendor / magento / module-theme / view / frontend / templates / html /

Its working and page changes. I Have Googled a lot and Tried Everything. But I didn't know what is wrong.

The steps I have done is Create Custom theme in Magento 2

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    this might be a typo, but the override directory need to be Magento_Theme and not Magento_theme. Check that, everything else seems to look right.
    – circlesix
    Commented Jan 11, 2018 at 1:58

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Its a typo. Changed Module_theme to Module_Theme and working Fine.

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