I am creating magento2 online store for our client, I got the design, everything went okay with some small bumps. But when I got to checkout. I really wish I never born on this planet.

I cannot find any tutorial other than how to add field to default luna theme in checkout or a static plain text message above the shipping form.

What I need to achieve is a one-step checkout that looks like this

enter image description here

First part is the billing form, second is the password form for account creation, third one is the shipping form if it differs from the billing. Then on the sidebar is summary of items in cart, grand total, and payment method (and now as i am writing i have noticed that there is no shipping method selection...)

on the bottom of the page is checkbox for accepting terms and conditions and a button to finish the order.

In Magento 1 this would be not easy but not hard to do also. I have no clue how to even start. All tuts I have found considers only adding some field, or moving the billing above the shipping, etc. One step checkout is even not mentioned anywhere.

Can someone provide any good resource? Magento devdocs was not enough for me to understand how that works. MAgeplaza and other blogs does not mention things i need.

Thank you

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Yes, It's possible to redeign checkout in magento2.

There are two ways to do that

1) Use third party module. Below are some free modules for example.

link 1

link 2

You can use modules like this.

2) Second way is customize default magento2 module


Click here for more info

Thanks !!

  • Thank you, i will check out how IWD done the job, since mageplaza (link 1) is no longer available on gihub for free download. Jan 9, 2018 at 17:27

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