I've installed a magento site locally with MAMP and the homepage works. However, when I go to any other page so products for example I'm getting an 404 error. If I change the url to include index.php it works though.

So for example my homepage url is http://localhost:8888/test-site/

If I got to http://localhost:8888/test-site/accessories I'm getting a 404 error

However, if I go to http://localhost:8888/test-site/index.php/accessories it works

I've changed the base_url etc. in the db to http://localhost:8888/test-site/ . so that shouldn't be the issue. Any ideas what the issue could be?


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You need to check for Apache's mod_rewrite module. If the module is not installed, please install and enable it first.

Then, you need to login to admin panel and go to Stores > Configuration. Under General > Web section, change the value of Use Web server Rewrites to Yes and save the configuration.

Flush Magento's Cache and check the frontend now.

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