I have an attribute with the name "staerke" and a few option fields like 1mm, 2mm, 3mm and so on.

I know the attribute id of the attribute and i have the id of the option value. In my case the attribute "staerke" has the attribut-id 267 and the value for "5mm" has the id 239.

How can i get the value text of 5mm in my code when i have the id 239.

This is my code to get the id 239 ($thicknessId)

$newProduct = Mage::getModel('catalog/product')->load($newProductId);
$thicknessId = $newProduct->getData('staerke');

My last problem is to get the value "5mm" back from this id.

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You can get the value directly with :

$_staerke = Mage::helper('catalog/output')->productAttribute($newProduct, $newProduct->getAttributeText('staerke'), 'staerke');

Try this:

1. $attributeText = $product->getAttributeText('staerke');

2. $attributeText = $product->getResource()->getAttribute('staerke')->getFrontend()->getValue($product);

3. $attributeText = $product->getResource()->getAttribute('staerke')->getFrontend()->getAttribute()->getFrontendLabel();

Since you've loaded your product already, you can use $thicknessId = $newProduct->getAttributeText('staerke') to get the label of the value.

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