Is there a way to set the time for which a purchased downloadable product is valid?

Let's say, I have a downloadable product on my customer account, and this is valid until some specific date.

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By default, Magento provides an option to set the number of times the user can download the product. There is no option to set expiry date/time by default.

If you want to set a date/time limit and want to expire the link after that, you need to write a custom module for that.

Steps to achieve what you want are:

  • Create setting (under System > Configuration section) in the module for expiry (number of days) or create a custom product attribute for only downloadable products (you can do it from admin panel).
  • Set a cron in your module which will run daily and check the expiration date by adding expiration days to purchase date (for each order in which a downloadable product is ordered and the download link is active yet). If the current date is bigger than or equal to the expiration date, set the link to be inactive.

I hope my answer is clear enough to understand.

If not, you can check this extension.


You can test this extension link listed below for your issue.

I think it will help you with your issue.

But, You have to do some changes in this extension to make it specific for your downloadable products only and as per requirement.


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