Is it OK to modify app/Mage.php to edit the date_default_timezone_set value?

I've modified my timezone in magento at System => General => Locale Options => Timezone, and set it to America/New_York, but it's still showing UTC time and every time based function is keying off of UTC time.

When I look at app/Mage.php it shows:

if (is_readable($localConfigFile)) {
    $localConfig = simplexml_load_file($localConfigFile);
    if (($date = $localConfig->global->install->date) && strtotime($date)) {
        self::$_isInstalled = true;

Thus, I assume I have to modify date_local_timezone_set from UTC to America/New_York? But is it OK to modify the app/Mage.php in this manner?

Thank you.

  • modifying mage is not at all reccommended. Jan 4 '18 at 4:41
  • @ShyamKrishnaSreekumar Ok. So how do I get this to change? My server time is Pacific Time (PST), my local time is Eastern Time (EST), and Magento's time is apparently UTC.
    – James
    Jan 4 '18 at 5:14

It is not recommended, but unfortunately it is required if you want to effectively synchronize Magento & your local timezone... as this had been a (really annoying) bug since day 1 & never fixed

More details here


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