I am Creating custom product add form in magento2.2.2.
I have added a new tab after product details & Loaded My custom phtml File into It,

First To Post Data from product form to observer, i added data-form-part="product_form" To input Fields Like:-

< input type="hidden" name="test" id="test" data-form-part="product_form" value="oldValue" / >

Now, When I click on save I called a event Like Below.

$(document).on('click','button[title="Save"], button[title="Duplicate"],  button[title="Save and Continue Edit"]',function(){
        $("#test").val('NewValue'); //Here I Changed Value According To My Requirement

In MyObserver.php For getting that hidden field value i used $this->_request->getPost();

By Printing Post Data of Test Hdden Input i got OldValue Instead of NewValue which is changed in jquery handler.

Any Solutions?

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