I can't understand, why I can't write just echo "Agent", but I can write echo $this->__('Agent');? And what does this method do?

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You can write echo "Agent" but you shouldn't write it, echo $this->__('Agent'); is right (recommended) as per Magento standards.

While you use echo $this->__('Agent');, you can translate Agent word to any other language (when you have multiple stores) by simply adding it to language translate csv. A simple echo will print same word for all stores.


You can write echo "Agent" but when you write echo $this->__('Agent') you can use the same word for translation.

When the __() method is called, Magento first looks for a translation in array matching the current module. The current module is determined by the class name on which the __() class is called.


Usually, these methods translate the phrase. Using direct echo call may lead to issues for multi-language sites

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