I am using Magento 2.2.2

I want to display a particular category products on homepage along with its respective layered navigation.

What I have already tried:

1) Changed home page layout to "2 columns with left bar"

2) Added a widget in home page content from admin for category id 1. Enabled pagination.

But I am not getting the default listing header for changing the product listing and neither it is displaying the layered navigation for this category on home page.

Check this image : enter image description here

Is there any issue with this approach

Can you tell me if my approach is right or I am missing something to achieve my task.

Or is there a way that I could display a category page as my home page and the URL still remains the websites URL only i.e. nothing more than www.website.com

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Here is what I did to achieve this:

Added a new category in admin and added all the products that I needed on home page with 'include in menu' set to 'no'.

Now in admin > store > configuration > general > web > default pages

Added category id as 'catalog/category/view/id/your_cat_id' in field 'Default Web URL'

By following above steps you can have any category on home page.

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