I have created a Magento 2 widget that displays a list of categories, similar to the one shown in this guide. The widget outputs the correct HTML, so now I need to add some styling to it to make it look nice.

In my reading on the internet, I have found that I can tell Magento to load a CSS file

  1. under the default layout file, which I presume will make it appear on all pages, or
  2. in a layout file that is specific to a single layout handle (for example, catalog_product_view).

What I am not understanding is how I can tell Magento to ONLY load that CSS file if the widget is present on a given page. Obviously, I can simply hard-code the path to a CSS file in the widget template itself, but this seems hacky. It would also mean that Magento has no way to know to compile/minify that CSS file.

I found a similar question about Magento 1, but the only answer is suggesting to do the exact thing I want to avoid: Having to hard-code the CSS include in the template file.

Disclaimer: Some of my assumptions may be incorrect, so feel free to correct me accordingly.

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