I have installed a module that adds another payment method, which has additional input options, and I want to make those options mandatory.

I've added a validator to validate #co-payment-form's input fields, as described in Magento's docs – Add custom validations before order placement.

I have added these attributes to the <select> element: data-validate="{required:true, 'validate-select':true}" and class="select validate-select".

And the validator looks like this:

], function ($)
    'use strict';
    return {
        paymentFormSelector: '#co-payment-form',
        validate: function ()
            const jqPaymentForm = $(this.paymentFormSelector).validation();
            return $(jqPaymentForm).valid();

Now, when I do not select anything and click on "Place Order"/"Submit Order", this validator gets called all right and the field gets a red error message.

How do I remove the message once the user has selected something?

I see that, for example, the mandatory fields of the shipping address form get all red upon trying to place an order, but once I start writing in such a field, the error message disappears at once.

How can I get the same for this custom validator?

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