Is this a magento bug or is something I am doing it working

I had created my translation file in my module i18n. For testing purpose I just modified few text.


"Do you want to remove the item from cart?","Just Remove?"
"Login","Sign In"

In My JS File I have this piece of code which I need to translate

        deleteItem: function (data) {
            var self = this;
                content: $t('Do you want to remove the item from cart?'),
                actions: {
                    confirm: function () {
                    always: function (event) {


But the translation for the code does not work. When I deploy static content it does not adds the translation in js-translation.json file.

Does any one have a workaround?


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It may be due to Magento bug. In vendor/magento/module-translation/Model/Json/PreProcessor.php

$area = $this->areaList->getArea($areaCode);

needs to be:

$area = $this->areaList->getArea($areaCode);



Please clear cache and check while cleaning cache it will flush translate cache as well. In Magento 2 there is mage/translate js library and that you can require in your js and use it like

$.mage.__("your text here");

You will get translated text.

  • yes mage/translate has already been defined and I have tried clearing cache and re deploy static content. But my JS translation does not appears in pub/static/js-translation.json file.
    – Priyank
    Dec 28, 2017 at 5:35

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