Merry Christmas everyone.

I have a question guys can you please teach me how to add a popup or modal upon clicking the "Place an Order" Button on the checkout page?

Just correct me if I'm wrong thanks.

Here's some screenshot

enter image description here

And this is the popup box that will appear after clicking place an order.

enter image description here

  • This can done. but need to do some code – Amit Bera Dec 26 '17 at 7:17
  • Yes, I already have an extension on this one. But that's my problem with adding a popup modal once you click the place an order button on the checkout page. – MazeStricks Dec 26 '17 at 7:23
  • do you need the code for sending and verifying the code as well or just showing pop up on placing order and on Clicking verify go to Place order. – Purushotam Sangroula Dec 26 '17 at 8:45
  • Hello Anime. I just need a code for showing a pop up upon placing order. Thanks – MazeStricks Dec 26 '17 at 14:50
  • @MazeStricks how you DONE this. can you share your code for popup ? – SURENDER SINGH Jan 4 '18 at 6:54

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