I am going to migrate data from M1(CE) to M2(EE). I have a module of data migration tool. I placed it in vendor/magento directory.

Module does not install when i run magento upgrade command as i do not find its entry in setup_module table.

Am i installing it in a wrong way?

I do not want to install using composer.

Any help?

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you are not installing module correct way as you have placed in vendor/magento directory .

Put the extension inside app/code folder and then run setup upgrade command. and then check it would be registered automatically in setup_module table.

All the extensions remains inside app->code folder in magento 2.

for e.g app/code/vendor_name/module_name etc.


You should install composer.

I don't thought that without composer ,the application will run .

Regarding,data migration tool, you donot need to install module enable command also setup update command .

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