By default the date format is mm/dd/yyyy when new member register.

How can I change the date format of birthday field to dd/mm/yyyy?

I have tried to change locale to EN_UK, EN Canada, and also tried to change date format in Store > Configuration > Catalogue but after all changes seems they won't affect the date format for member registration.

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It is still a open issue

DatePicker date format does not reflect user's locale, to fix it you may update


  • Thank you leo. I can locate this file, together with the range.js in /vendor/magento/module-ui/view/base/web/js/grid/filters that also has predefined date format of mm/dd/yyyy. I changed both of them to dd/mm/yyyy already but seems the date picker is still using the mm/dd/yyyy format Commented Dec 25, 2017 at 4:29

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