We're using following table rates for our store and these are working fine.

When weight is 0-1(kg) , rate will be 4.5 When weight is 1.1- ~ (kg), rate will be 4.9

enter image description here

We also enabled Free shipping when price is greater than $100. Now when price is greater than $100, it shows both table rates and free shipping. We need to just show the free shipping when it is applicable and discard table rates when price is greater than $100. How can we achieve this?

Using Cart rule, it still shows the table rate method and just set the price to 0. How can I show the Free Shipping as method?

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I am using this and its working fine.

<preference for="Magento\OfflineShipping\Model\Carrier\Freeshipping" type="Package\Namespace\Model\Carrier\Freeshipping" />

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