I've selected Spanish language for the back end and the translation is not completed. I understand that, but there is a problem: if translation is not available, the text is shown in German.

I can't find anywhere why this is happening.

How can I define English as default (or "in case of not finding") language?

How can I remove German as module (magento/language-ge_ge).

I've tried but it says that has dependencies.


You can check what the default store view language. I think it is because that can be German. You can try running this command:-

php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy en_US fr_FR
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  • I've executed this command a hundred times, only en_GB and en_US appears. Any other idea? – Mario M. Dec 21 '17 at 10:41
  • Is your locale for users store based or website based? I mean what if You set the default store to English. – dev_67Commerce Dec 21 '17 at 11:03
  • I've switched backend to english in System->permision->All users admin. And no trace of german. But not all the admins are good english readers. – Mario M. Dec 21 '17 at 11:30

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