• Is there a way to modify the way when a schedule backup is going to run?

  • let's say every week, can we set it to run during Saturdays instead of Mondays?

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Magento by default does not provide any option in admin panel to change it from Mondays to Saturdays

you need to override Mage_Backup_Model_Config_Backend_Cron class in your custom module


Magento creates cron expression in above function while saving system configuration from backend using below code

in _afterSave method you can see below code

$cronExprArray = array(
    intval($time[1]),                                   # Minute
    intval($time[0]),                                   # Hour
    ($frequency == $frequencyMonthly) ? '1' : '*',      # Day of the Month
    '*',                                                # Month of the Year
    ($frequency == $frequencyWeekly) ? '1' : '*',       # Day of the Week 1 = Monday you need to change it to 6 for Saturdays
$cronExprString = join(' ', $cronExprArray);

Here Magento is creating cron expression to run cron.

you need to change '1' to '6' to run cron on Saturdays

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