I want to translate english to other indian languages like punjabi, marathi and more.I have created an module. In which Getiing product collection. once I reacieved the data in english I can translate into into india laguages. Array I recieved in english I want to convert all the element of array in hindi and rest of content, Like CMS pages contnet, Order Content Etc.

Product collection

Controller file of Extension

public function chnageslang(){

             $Option = Mage::getResourceModel('catalog/product_option_collection')->addFieldToSelect('product_id');
            $entityIds = new Zend_Db_Expr($Option->getSelect()->__toString());

            if (!empty($n_collection['collection'])) {
                $prod[$h]['type'] = $this->__('New Arrival');
                $prod[$h]['type_id'] = 'new';                    
                $newcollection = $this->collectionDetail($n_collection['collection']);
                $prod[$h]['product'] = $newcollection ? $newcollection : array();
            } else {
                $prod[$h]['type'] = $this->__('New Product');
                $prod[$h]['type_id'] = 'new';
                $prod[$h]['product'] = array();


You can simply create a locale file in your language and translate every string in csv with "english string, your language string"

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You have to put your word in traduction function, then you create your local translate

  1. <?php echo $this->__('Your word'); ?>


    <?php echo Mage::helper('yourhelper')->__('Your word'); ?>

  2. you create your local file in : app/design/frontend/{your package}/{your theme}/locale/{language_ISO}/translate.csv

    "Your word","translation"
  3. choose your store view of this language, then you'll find your translation so pretty

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