I am trying to update to the latest version of Magento from 2.2 and want to do it from the admin panel. However the System Upgrade link under system doesn't exist. Did I mess something up with my install? I have only one account with this system and it is admin. I am using the install to run m2e so everything is basic settings.

magento 2 no system settings link


Check the prerequisities list: http://devdocs.magento.com/guides/v2.2/comp-mgr/prereq/prereq_compman.html

     * Removes 'Web Setup Wizard' from the menu if doc root is pub and no setup url variable is specified.
     * @param Builder $subject
     * @param Menu $menu
     * @return Menu
     * @SuppressWarnings(PHPMD.UnusedFormalParameter)
    public function afterGetResult(Builder $subject, Menu $menu)
        if ($this->docRootLocator->isPub()) {
        return $menu;

You may also check if doc root is pub and setup url is available

  • I am not seeing any issues. Cron has been running for weeks, no file system permission issues that I can see. – SmithBurger Dec 19 '17 at 14:27

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